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Robert Kirkwood (Lesley & Ian’s Wedding)

Robert Kirkwood (Lesley & Ian’s Wedding)

WOW! I think it is every parents hope that their first child’s wedding goes without a hitch – The reality was so much more. Everything was quite frankly perfect. From our first visit we all realised how great it could be but it was only in our dreams that we could have believed it would turn our as it did.

Your friendly manner and clear understanding of our requirements was evident from the first meeting. Your team, the idyllic setting, the marquee setup, the fabulous service, outstanding meals right through to ceremony location were all exactly right.

To top off things the weather came to the party as well – one hopes that does not cost extra however, we would probably have paid! Cindy and I pass on our warmest appreciation and wish you every success and lots of luck into the future.

Thank you and warmest regards
Robert Kirkwood