Bush Bank Weddings


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Full menu $105 per person including staff

Choose 5 small options for pre-dinner roving canapés


Choose one of the following:

Cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella (V)
Spanish style- saffron, capsicum and tomato (V)
Button mushroom (V)


Steamed/fried – Pork and prawn with ponzu (DF)
Chinese cabbage, carrot and onion w/ ponzu (DF, V)

Brazilian pastels

Spiced beef
Ricotta and spinach (V)


King prawn, acidic crème fraiche and dill

Chicken Skewers

Moroccan Spiced w/ Indian spiced yogurt

Lamb Skewers

Turkish spiced lamb w/ labneh (GF)

Mini Quiche

Quiche Lorraine
Caramelised Spanish onion & roquefort blue cheese (V)
Roasted cherry tomato and Danish feta (V)

Sausage rolls

House made rolls w/ spicy tomato relish

King Prawns

M2’s famous tempura prawns w/ Canadian maple syrup and sesame (DF)

Rice Paper rolls

Carrot, enoki and capsicum w/ ponzu dipping (DF, GF, V, VEGAN)
Ponzu marinated chicken (DF, GF)

Spring rolls

Classic pork house made rolls (DF)
Classic vegetarian house made rolls (DF, V, VEGAN)

Pommes Anna

Herb infused potato press, pea puree and crispy prosciutto (GF)


Spiced beef meats balls w/ spicy tomato relish


Salt & pepper squid w/ sriracha aioli (DF, GF)



Choose 3 large canapés for cocktail/canapé reception


Choose one of the following:
Southern fried chicken w/ sriracha aioli
American cheese burger


Lamb Kofta w/ spiced yogurt & tabbouleh (GF)


Salt & pepper w/ sriracha aioli (GF)

Fish & Chips

Hoki tempura & beer battered chips w/ tartare sauce (DF)


Stroganoff with acidic crème fraiche & penne pasta

Bangers & Mash

Herb & garlic chipolatas w/ creamy mash & onion gravy (GF)


Spinach & saffron risotto w/ grilled barramundi (GF)

Pork-Pad ga Prao

Minced pork w/ Thai basil Bangkok style (GF)



($5.00 ea. p/h incl. GST)

Clyde River Oysters

Natural served with eschallot & red wine vinegar (DF, GF)
M2 kilpatrick (DF)
Classic Thai (DF)


Lightly tobasco spiced blue swimmer crab & cucumber on fried wonton (DF)

Canadian scallops

Pan-seared scallops, cauliflower puree and cumin beurre noisette (GF)


Sashimi grade Yellow Fin Tuna belly, ponzu marinated on a black rice cracker (DF, GF)


Smoked Salmon on house made blini w/ dill & acidic crème fraiche